Top 4 Bloggers To Follow For Creative Inspiration

“I’ve stolen from the best.I am a shameless thief.”

-Woody Allen

Hola amigos,

welcome back again to Day 3 of Daily Blog challenge.Today I want to share with you something that is going to provide you GREAT VALUE.

Look I get you,we have sad-bad kind of days,we want to do but the flesh of us is unwilling to do.

We just want to Netflix and chill or snug in like a couch potato.Thats okay to do sometimes but disclaimer not all the times if you WANT TO BE A CREATOR.

To be a CREATOR,you got to:

  • Read and research a lot
  • Watch videos
  • Do some analysis
  • Frame your own content
  • Publish

PS: Doing all this with a day job/studies and a family to manage.

Its HARD but not impossible.

When I fall into a swoon,which I was last month,I somehow motivate myself to READ and READ and READ a lot,like CRAZY. I Binge read so many blogs,instagram posts and facebook posts.And Trust me this habit of mine is revolutionary.

So today I am going to share TOP 4 Blogs I binge read and re-read,when I lack motivation.

They are also the people I am a die-hard fan and their works have largely inspired me to be what I am today.

PS: Kind of faning my flame when it withers out !

1.Austin Kleon

The writer who draws.

His unique content

1. Tips on creativity (The practical side)

2.Zine making

3.Newspaper Blackout poetry

4.Journalling and Notetaking

Blog Link:

2.James Clear

He is my Go-To when I need motivation for being productive.

His Uniqueness:

1.Science of Creativity

2.Science of Habits

3.Science of Productivity

4.Science of creating systems

Blog Link:

3. Seth Godin

The one who has been inspiring me for years to daily blog.

His characteristic writings

1.Business ideas

2.Creativity in action

3.Musings on daily parlance

Blog link:

4.Ryan Holiday

The man who inspired me to set a reading goal of 100 books per year

His uniqueness:

1.How to read books and to get the most out of it.

2.Personal development guru

3.Note taking and marginilia

Blog Link:

Hope you found it resoureful.Please go and read their blogs,they have helped me always.

Thank you so much for dropping by ,I appreciate you so much.

PS: If you liked it,do share it with your family and friends.

PPS: Being a Lighthouse




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