“Our time is now,

We can do anything

We really believe in

Our time is now

Here in the morning of our lives”

-Jonathan Richman

Greetings dear All,

Sending My Energetic Vibes to You….

I am doing great and starry-eyed always…

But I want to ask you specially today

How are you?Doing great? How is Life?Are you happening to Life?Or is Life happening to You?

Too Many Questions Dahhhhh!(Not rhetoric though)

Kudos and amigos if there is a resounding YES to the above mentioned questions and if not…This piece of writing hopefully may set you jet back and turn around your ground hog days….

Let me share a personal insight behind this writing.

I am a Human with Great energy and vigour.I like to seize the day and happppen to my day,rather allow it to happen to me.PERIOD!!

Its inborn in me to uplift and encourage all the dear ones orbiting around me.Heck YES!!!Thats ME.

But then not all days are like Christmassy days and I have mY Autumn days as well.

I know life is such a struggle for balance,but then we all need to keep up the pace and race.


Recently,I had an emotional fallout and I Want to share my story with you.

It so happened that one fine day,everything turned against me.

People and things changed or maybe that was my perception at that given moment. I was Hard-pressed and repressed,I was in a lull..(Forgive me cause lately but yes I have had many negative days being bestowed and it turns out to be the best experiences of my life with culling lessons)

Remember dear one,its an open heart to heart talk today.With Me?

Lets begin then.

Raise your hand if you agree with me that we all have such days right.?

What do we do during these days?

Throw anger tantrums on our dear ones?Cry out our tears?Indulge in guilt?etc and etc.

Well its perfectly normal to have this..But the point is how long is this going to hold a drag on you?

The point is how long are you going to self-destruct yourself and allow the cortisol levels up?

Is not Life TOOOO Short to Kind of  whim and whimper?

“Happiness is a place between too much and too little.”


Welll….Today I will share what I did to change around my vicious cycle…

Its going to be a listicle….hope it helps you too


“Every day of our lives,we are on the verge of making those slight changes that would make all the difference.”

-Mignon McLaughlin

Streams of consciousness.Inspired by the Book The Artists Way.

I wrote down my feelings and emotions.

I wrote down my insecurities.

I wrote down my vulnerabilities.

Everything that sapped my Joy was onto the paper.

This activity not only removed my mental clutter but a sense of emancipation dwelled in me.I felt nice.It was as if the weight was gone and the lump was swallowed.



“Focus on what you have ahead of you.Make a list of everything that you are grateful for.Don’t let your anxiety take over you, acknowledge that its there but don’t let it overwhelm you.”

-Brittany Graffeo

Letting You know one of the secrets,Making a List and brainstorming helps you be creative and gets a hook of your dopamine levels.

Being a Creative nerd,I wrote down the following lists.Oh Bauble of excitement,you see.

Wink Wink…List making is also my favorite hobby.ITS SO DANG GOOD.

Here goes my listicle list….

1.Things/people that bring me Joy.

2.Things/people that bring me sadness(Avoid these Energy Vampires)

3.Creative Projects I want to pursue

4.Books I want to read

5.Books I want to buy

6.Blogs I want to read.

7.Podcasts I want to listen.

8.Interviews I want to watch.

9. Documentaries I want to educate myself with


P S: I usually make all the lists and then I check it off and document my learning curve.

How cool is that;)Definitely I recommend you give it a try.


“I am not saying that you have to be a reader to save your soul in the modern world I am saying it helps.”

Walter Mosley

No Spoiler alerts..You guys know I am in a heavenly relationship with the Books I possess.and Yes I am very possessive of them.Like Totally..

During the dry days..I pick up books, read and without any smidgen guilt get lost past the watch.

I transcend to another world along with the author.Its like I don’t want to come back….Period.

It has always been a nice little routine for me.


That’s therapeutic.

Amma knows everything.

I literally cry out my heart to her and she with her lullabies and pamperings brings back the STAR IN STARRY.Her life advices ,are what makes me what I am today.

Its like I get a whole new lease on life with her encounters.

The Only Human on earth that I am super addicted to exponentially.

She is as beautiful as the Lillies

As therapeutic like Paracetamols

And she brings back my dopamines insanely high.


P S;DO You talk with your mom ?This is not a silly question though.

Ponder and tinker.

So My dear friends,these are the Four Things That I do and always will do To bring back my sanity, energy, and vibes.

This very day I encourage you to also identify the Life Savers that help you bring back to normalcy.

Do more of such things on a regular basis and live a life worth of a Creative Pursuit.


Concluding on the below quote to ponder.



What do you do when caught up in a whirlpool…

I would love to hear down in the comments…


Your Creative Encourager

Dr Starry John

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