“Don’t Go To Your Grave With Your Best Work Inside You. Choose to die empty.”

-Todd Henry.

Greetings My Fellow Readers,

Today I am as happy as Larry, as shining as the north star and prancing on clouds as I share with you My Blog Relaunch.

Its officially Now Called “”

The earlier brand name did not go well with my theme and style,so I just changed it over to my Pen-name “TALKGLEE.”

It so happened during the Diwali vacations I choose to have a Reading Retreat.I had so many books in my TBR list, waiting for me to dabble and devour. Out of the many books onto my bookshelf, I discovered this tiny little book with hardcover “IKIGAI”.I did hear about it by many lifestyle bloggers but wanted to get into the core and get a hindsight about it.

“Starry-Eyed and in Vinsome Accord.”


Well, long story short…This Book Has propelled me to hit my bandwagon.

Like everyone, my life was too caught up in hustle bustle and rustle. There was no clear set purpose and a plan. I just lived by the days as it came, though deep down I knew this is not what I am called for. But then too I was waltzing around In my self-pity.

This book gave me the COURAGE to DEFINE MY IKIGAI and Devise an Action Plan to revolve my Life around it.

This Blog is its Byproduct.

As Michaelangelo puts it, ”Ancora Imparo”..which means Still I learn, this blog will be a diary of sorts, learnings, and insights which I wish to share with the globe.

I am not a master, but a beginner ready to discover my IKIGAI…and also through this tiny space onto the virtual world,I wish I can share and resonate.

Hasta La Vista Tribe…

Your Creative Encourager

Starry John.


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