“We are always on the anvil,by trials God is shaping us for higher things.”

-Henry Ward Beecher

Greetings fellow readers,

Voila, there I am back yet again….This time I am overjoyed and on cloud nine and on the summit of happiness as I sit back and recollect all the wonderful things that came along my way this 2018 .It was a mixture of happy learnings and sad ones, but both gave me lessons that I treasure and which today I wish to share.

Starry John by now you may know is More  People Oriented.I cannot fathom my life without MY key people. Well,2018 had many NEW HELLOS but also MANY GOODBYES!

So I hereby share some integral lessons these amazing bandwagon of people have taught me. They have stood the test of time and heck yes I have an unwavering FAITH in them….

Lets begin the School then:


As I grow older each year,they have a set of lessons to teach.I consider myself lucky to have them for they gave me all the FREEDOM and SUPPORT to chase my DREAMS….gave me fuel and fanned the flame as and when it shimmered.

The world may not always be GOOD on your face. Dirty politics,wolf in sheep’s clothing kind of talks would be there. But under all those circumstances they have given me the message “TO BE BRAVE”

Be innocent as a dove and wise as an owl.No matter what.Be brave.Things eventually will fall in  place..

(Because sometimes I am very Sensitive  and think of giving up.I thank 2018 for throwing these challenges and the learnings learnt)


Well ,I am a dentist.I like exploring new things, start ventures and so on.It so happened, circumstances stopped me from doing things that I loved and sparked joy.It was during those turmoil days,my brother always whispered, wiped my tears and would quote

This is one such lesson he taught me and I shall carry forward the next year.He is also the inspiration behind my BLOG and YOUTUBE channel. Love you brotha.My Lifeline and my human diary.Well.he tops my list of being the only human with whom I have fought a kazillion times.hahah.But then what are siblings for? If they dont fight…

PS:He is my god given bodyguard.Think twice before you mess with me though;p(starry chuckles)


A person with wit and grace. I wish he came much earlier in life.I just met him 2017 and then on,my life has been a roller coaster.or

should I tell that he teaches me every day new lessons.

In one such circumstance I was suffering, though I did not share with him, somehow he understood my psychology’(He is supercool in this genre) and gave me the below advice.

Drum rolls!! There was an immediate “ADRENALINE RUSH” and I could feel the lump slayed. There was a clarity and I had an amazing boisterous energy to fight the battle. Trust me, dear friends, with his PEP talk,I have taken bold decisions which then back I would not have taken alone.

I am super lucky to have been blessed with his coveted presence. Great Thanks, sir. Know this in your heart, you are awesome and bole to jhakkas!


As any young girl would get asked in her twenties. When are you getting married? When I saw all my friends happily married, some already becoming mommy and so on.I was in a fix that I would die single.(I still laugh out loud about this fear..hahaha)

She then came around like a whiff of spring air and with her love and grace quoted these words that so much resonated with my soul.I got the courage to wait until “RAB SENDS ME MY JODI”

Neverthless,her presence and constant support and her motherly love always help me in keeping sanity.She has picked me up when I was broken and lost and nursed me through all her Love.Honey,Love you down the milky way.

I await in prayers for the one whom the almighty has chosen for me.Great thanks lins for the above words.


She is a Go to,when I need PAMPERING.When I get attached to wrong people and then cry my heart out,she pours out her love and tells me the below statement.Many a time,I struggle in setting the priorities straight,she has been an advocate for the same.With my mind hijacked with negativity,she has been a wholesome lot.

Be careful with your investment.Whether it be time,energy or your love.Please don’t pay a heavy price for the same.

Darling you are a Heaven.24 hour Helpline. Love you a thousand years and more.You helped me to keep my priorities checked regularly.Great thanks.


Well,on a frank note I regret yet again, why I  met her so late.OMG…we both rotate on the same frequency and the same orbits.

Well,the lesson she taught me was,umpteen times,we kind of let go certain behavioural patterns of people,thinking that it will soon pass.But then when it is repeated again and again,there comes a straight question on your self worth.You cannot be good all times and welcome them back only to be sabotaged by their rude and cruel behaviour.

To be Good is Good.But not at the cost of your worth.

She is way beyond younger to me. But all her talks speak wisdom. She has this gusto of energy that sweeps me of my negative vibes. Great thanks for being a blessing.Her text ,her aura and her hugs are a medicine I cannot ask for more.



For anything to GROW, You need to Give time. Whether it be your blog, your youtube channel or any new relation or a breakup.

Time will either heal your wounds or it will help you in growing towards your goals.

We need to wait and yet with patience and anticipation that “Whats good for us will happen.Whats meant to stay will stay..whats meant to go will go.”

During one of the toughest phases of a battle,she was a 24 hour round the clock ,though miles apart but I feel at home even if its 12 am in the night.A shout out and she is there.A person as pretty as the daisies and as bright as the sun flower,down to earth and warm vibes.Oh she means so much to me.Great thanks uru .

PS:We just met 2017 and 2018 she has become invincible.

So , ladies and gentlemen, these were the 7 lessons I learnt through 7 different set of circumstances 2018 offered me.I am eternally grateful for all that happened also thanking GOD that through his Human manifestation(these 7 humans) he ensured I was hail and hearty.

Final Message

This is a New Year.New Blank book.Write your story.Be your front seat driver.Strive for being the best.continusouly and ruthlessly edit,cause baby this is your life and you dont owe anyone an expectation.

Hasta La Vista Tribe.

Lots of Love



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    1. Dear Ketki Mam,
      You are a Blessing and my mom.Your blessings and words of encouragement gives me the necessary push to get along the headlong race.
      Lots of love

    1. Dear darling Pratima,
      Thank you so much for this lovely comment.This gives me the energy to write more and share more.

    1. Hello dear Aditi,
      Heartfelt thanks for stopping by and dropping such an empowering comment.
      Thank you so much.YOu have bought a molar to molar smile.
      Looking forward to hear more from you

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