“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, as long as somebody loves you.”

-Roald Dahl

Greetings my ardent readers,

Saturday it is and we are beginning to chill, relax and rejuvenate. Sit back and take a deep breath I have some thoughtfulness coming up your way.

So, today I happened to visit an amazing woman or should I introduce her to you as the CEO of Ingenious Talent and Ambassador of Laja community (Ahmedabad branch).Yuhuun.She is as sweet as a pancake, as alive as a jumping jean and oh so awesomeness her aura. Well, before the meetup she asked me, “Starry, do you mind if I bring my dog. And I was like sure why not? Chuckles.


Little did I know, this little darling FLUFFY would teach me so many lessons on the go.

Let me share with you three life lessons:

Lesson 1: Ask and You Shall Receive

Yes, yes I got you, you are very much aware of this. But my question to you is do you practice the same on a daily basis? Sharing an insight which this cutie fluffy taught me.

When he was hungry, he started barking loudly.As Asmita and I were engaged in some deep conversations,he kept barking.,which means he kept asking to his mummy food. That’s when she got up and gave him food and also pampered him.If he would not have asked, she would never have come to know his hungry pangs.

Likewise, let me ask you, my dear friend, How many times have you asked your loved one for something you are in dire need of. It can be either their attention, their love, their care or understanding or anything that is materialistic. You make an assumption that they know it all and you never approached them and then misunderstandings just crop up and fight and quarrels and there is a breakup or a divorce or a meaningful friendship comes to an end.A viscious cycle right!

Today right now at this moment can you take a small action? If there is anything you are in need of,can you approach them right away and ask for it.

Isn’t it just as simple as ABC?


Fluffy felt ignored for some time.So what did he do to harness attention?He was just cuddling up with Asmita and was going in and around her.Thats when Asmita told me,”Look, Starry ,he is feeling ignored.Let me just look after.”Then she once again lifted him up,cuddled him and kissed him and said fluffu my bacha ,my baby.

Back then for me it was oh so a  delightful scene.

He quickly taught an important lesson to Express. Whatever it may be whether you are feeling grateful go and say a thank you, you dont have to wait for a Thanksgiving day for the same.Write thank you notes as Randy Pausch in his Epic life changing book “The Last Lecture ” puts it straight.If you are feeling annoyed go and tell the person,express your emotion,tell them you did not like it,their behaviour has negative.That you expected something else.Its okay right.Can you just open up? Express your emotions.Bottled emotions leads to many psychosomatic disorders dear.

Pour out and Express.

Quoting Brene Brown from her book “Daring Greatly”, “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle,but you are worthy of love and belonging.”

An actionable for you,”Go and Express.”Feel Vulnerable and that’s okay baby.

Lesson 3: No Means No

So being a treasure trove, I love to capture anything that spurs my soul.So I and Asmita were kind of trying all kind of tricks to somehow convince Fluffy to pose.But Fluffy was like I dont like it,so I am not going to pose.


That was STRAIGHT right.

He did not like it and that was the end.Period.

How many times have we crucified our time in doing something that we do not LIKE or spending time with someone who you feel is an energy vampire.But you are like oh so lovely person with an invisible halo and you are reluctant to say no and then kill your desire and go and meet.

ANd you come back home repressed.

But WHY?Is not life too short to waste in things/people who do not resonate with you?If you do not enjoy?Then why?Be like an angel.Can we say NO,a big fat NO to such flotsam and jetsam.

As MArie Kondo puts it,Shell it out if it does not SPARK JOY.

So can you see in this short duration,this little FLUFFU taught me so many things.Actually We all know the three principles,whether it be Mark Mason,Tim Ferris,Tony Robbins or Oprah,they preach the same and we also know the same.Then why are we not taking the plunge?

Learn to say no without explaining yourself.Its your LIFE,You Decide,YOu Choose,You Rule.

On a concluding note,this made my day seriously.I love you fluffu and am going to come back and play with you and cuddle you and kiss you;)You taught me so many lessons through your actions.I am your fan boy;)Hugs

So my dear readers,Can you take these three lessons and put it into practice.Let it be on the cusp of taking the next step.Surefire.Results are instant.You will feel calm,serene and at home.

Cause my dear friends, remember You are never Guaranteed a Tomorrow;)

Before I unwind,dedicating this small quote from a Wonderful book By Ruskin Bond,to all my dear ones.

“Are you upset,little friend?Have you been lying awake worrying?Well.dont worry…..I’m here.The flood waters will recede,the famine will end,the sun will shine tomorrow,and I will always be here to take care of you.”

-Charlo M.Schulz

yes,I Love You and will continually do so,XOXO

My Love and Care and Grace.

Dr Starry JOhn

PS:Thanks my dear friend ASMITA.You made my day and i have that BINACA SMILE MODE ON;)

Swollen Eyes,But My Smile extends beyond the lines





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