“I did then what I knew how to doNow that I know better,I do better.”

                                                                                           -Mary Angelou

Hey Tribe,

Greetings again

.Let’s have a High-Fy. Yay!!

So this post is all about Why I started Blogging and Why am seriously going to maintain my blogging schedule.

So My Tyrst with blogging started in the year 2016.A dear friend of mine started her own blogging niche and inspired by her,I started off on Christmas day.

Initially I did not know what to write,how to write and when to write.Even now I struggle but back then I struggled a lot.So this friend of mine helped me with that.

I was very naïve in writing but continued to write my heart out in my blog.


I maintained a blogging schedule for a month and then off it burst out.Sigh!

But I somehow maintained it, writing for about two posts a month and then stopped,blamed the hectic schedule.

So This year 2018, after having read tones of articles on blogging and its benefits,I have Vowed to Start Blogging passionately.

Reasons Why I blog?

1)  I love to pen down my inspirations and share it with the world.

Daily Musings here and there.Random Rants and Thoughts.

Sharing is Caring.

2)  Therapeutic  Effect.

When I write down,I let go of my emotions, it’s like venting it out in open.

I feel better, when I hit the Publish button.(Actually)

When down in pensive mood,I take my blog book, have my inspirations outlined and then dive deep into word typing mode.

3) Get Lost of Time

Many a Times I write because I Want to get lost past the time.

I love to be transcended to another era with my thoughts.

No interactions (Except My Mom,I Need her right there sitting beside me as I write,She is the first one to review my shitty drafts before it gets live)

Editing,Quoting,fragmenting,brainstorming are my Favorite Plug ins.

So Sundays,or during those days when am Like Want to savor time,It’s the Blogging Checklist that I hop onto.

4) Scope of Improvement

I want to improve my writing skills.

So having a blog,makes it all the more easy for me.

Come on you don’t have to be a Pro to blog.

Just you and Your emotions and A craving to share the same to the world.

That’s it;)

5) Book Trails

So well By Now,you must have got an idea about me.

Yes,Am a Voracious reader.Its another addiction that I do not want to get rid off.

Whenever I have plunged onto reading,I love to annotate and jot down my favorite quotes and passages and use them to share onto my blog.

Also I like to share the learning points to my readers.

Knowledge has to be shared.

Light another Candle;)


6) Happiness Quotient up

I am always Happy,gleeful and cheerful whenever I blog.

Ask my Mom,she will account.

I always have this pretty smile on my face,when I scribble,doodle my feelings.

I love blogging to such an extent that I get up early at 4 to write my first drafts,Edit and get the photoshot done for my blog.

Let me Make Few Confessions I made this 3 June right here.


1) I have decided to Blog Five times a Week.

2) Send Every Saturday, Newsletter with tons of Creative Muses.

3) Get Creative shots Done for my Bookstagram/Creativegram Account

4) Regularly Journal My ideas and inspirations and share the same.

5) I have decided to start Creative Journaling inspired by a fellow Instagrammer and gonna try it this month .and yes will share it with all of you.


So That’s a Personal take.

Hope My this little take has inspired you to start out with your blogging venture.

Surefire Have Consistency and Persistency as your Best Friends,You will Rock.

I am a Beginner too.Lets start out together.

What is your Plan for this Month of June?

Any Creative Changes?

Need Help?

I am Right here;)

Your Creative Encourager

Dr Starry John

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