Rain drops tinkering around,

Children splashing the water around,

Hot Coffee and Tasty snack smells that makes me hop to the kitchen round and round,

And then I stumble upon the above quote,that made me quickly devour my art that is Blog.

You,see I dont love to procrastinate.

Greetings Dear All,

Oh boy,its long long time,I actually crafted a plan to stick to my blogging schedule.

So today I want to share some amazing insights and my Reflections on it…and yes I welcome one and all,to please drop your reflections in the comments below.

Sit Back,Relax and have an insightful read.

Insight 1:

“The only mofos in my circle are people that I CAN LEARN FROM. I believe THAT is the first and foremost rule to a successful life.
you are going to be as educated and successful as the 10 most frequented people you call/text on your phone.”

-Quest Love

Reflection: Having read scores of books, every successful person VOUCHES by this. Have a Sacred Space, whom you can count on and leverage your Strengths and disempower your weaknesses.

So,Go and Make a Mental Checklist of the same and ADHERE TO IT.

Insight 2:

“This isn’t working. We need a plan. And sandwiches.”

-Buster’s dialogue (Arthur)

Reflection:When things dont Work,check for two things,One is was it Well Planned,or was it just a hypothetical one?

And second thing check if you are STRESSED,cause Stress Lowers your Creative ability in that Case Go and Grab your Favorite Sandwich….

Yuhuun ,I already did that today 😉

Insight 3:

“what do you think I pray for?
“May I continue to have what I have right now,
Or even less, as long as I’m self-sufficient.
If the gods should grant me life, though just for a while,
May I live my life to myself, with books to read,
And food to sustain me for another year,
And not to waver with the wavering hours.”

-Horace’s Epistles

Reflections: Time is a Priceless Commodity.Use it in a worthy pursuit,lest it withers away.

Do the Best you can,with all that you Can,Empower yourself and the people in and around,so that they may Live to Tell the Story of a Person who Lived in an Engaging pursuit.

Insight 4:

“Do not lose time on daily trivialities. Do not dwell on petty detail. For all of these things melt away, and drift apart within the obscure traffic of time. Live well, and live broadly. You are alive and living now. Now is the envy of all of the dead.”

-Emily’s Monologue

Reflections: Go Out,Hug your Loved ones,Complete that daunting Task,Take up that Creative project,Say Good bye to Energy Vampires.

Now is the Envy of the Dead.

Live Life……

Your Life is an Art….Make it a Masterpiece.

So that were Some of the Reflections I shared…..Hope it has broadened your Horizons …..

Power to You.

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