30 Days Happiness Challenge

“Make up your mind to be Happy.Learn to find pleasure in simple things.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson

Hola Amigos,

High Five ! How have you been doing?

Happy May .I am doing great and like a gangsta;P

So today I have an exciting announcement and I wish to have you all on board to execute this event and spread the vibes.But before that let me share with you a short preface.


It all happened on a Sunday afternoon(5 May) when I experienced a slump and I did not have a drive to get up and make myself race ready for the coming week. Tired, tossing and turning around in my bed  but could not catch up with some sound slumber.

Then the only last resort I had was to seek  my books.Back then I had started with,”The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubins but could not complete it. I thought this would be the best book to spark the fire in me and  get my mood swings back to normalcy.

Grabbed the book and secured a spot in my reading nook and indulged in some reading.

Highly recommend to keep this book as your best friend

Yes I actually lost past the time and finished the book only to be super motivated to again start documenting my Happiness Diaries.I was on fire.So immediately I shared  it as my story.

Voila There.Drum Rolls.Something Unusal happened;)

Well dear friend let me be frank here,so many people asked me what is it all about?Well to be frank I had no idea how to explain to them,cause this was something I wanted to do on a personal note (and have some mindset and perception shift).But then looking at the enthusiasm,I immediately jotted down a plan and shared what the challenge was.

Cutting the long story short.

I had heaps of positive responses flooding my Instagram, facebook and Whatsapp.

Big shout out and lots of love to all people joining me in this challenge.Lets try and make it viral.

So if you are still interested in joining me in this bandwagon,the power belongs to you.

Let this motivate you to Join This challenge

Now What is this challenge all about?

1. Daily there will be one Happiness affirmation/quote shared in the group,which the member participating should keep it as his or her status.

2. Then throughout the day,they should be very attentive to the little things that brought joy and had their smile line up.They should either document it which is most preferable or take a photograph and share it on their story/whatsapp status,with a hashtag #30daysHappinessChallenge.

The list can be endless. Look for small things, focus on small things that spark happiness and capture it.

4. Doing this on a daily basis will raise your aura and happiness quotient.

Its that SIMPLE dear one;) Ready Steady and Po :

Day 1 of 30 Days Happiness Challenge

.1.I got up early and today got my morning routine done, which was more productive.I was very clear with my top three priorities of the day.

2. Out of my top three tasks, two tasks were done and dusted in the wee hours of the morning itself. Hurrah!I was literally dancing with glee. I could eat the frog so early.

3. Brainstormed more than 10 ideas for a creative project and also set the timelines pertaining to its execution.

4. Wished my family good morning, helped amma with morning chores, hugged her tight and left for work.

5.Had an amazing conversation with so much josh with guru cool. He is such a blessing and his aura so contagious.

6.Had wonderful interactions with all my patients today. Moreover, they left home with a smile so big.(What more is rewarding than this for a dentist)

7.Had sugarcane juice while I was traveling back home. It was a chill and I had all the feels.


8.50 percent video edited which is to be released tomorrow on our channel. Btw I am a co-partner of Booktube Channel.Here is the link.

Books and Bliss Booktube Channel

9.Was getting lazy after the slumber and did not have the motivation to get certain tasks done,but somehow broke that resistance and finally managed to getting things done.YASS;)The josh was high.

10.Cup of tea after completing a tough case.

Cause CHAI is BAE


It so happened today that I expected something genuine from a dear one but my expectation failed abruptly.Yes for few seconds was very upset but then there was a cue that reminded me, “NOT TO FOCUS ON THIS FAILED EXPECTATION” and shift my mood to something that would help me stay calm and happy

Period ! I was successful.

Whereas in a normal day I would have mulled over the thing and spoilt my mood.

So dear friends,there are going to be energy vampires, failed expectations and so on. But you choose whom to give power to and keep documenting your happiness list.

More power to you.

That’s Starry aka Talkglee for you today.

I will come back again with another list and some happy vibes.

Till Then Stay Happy Stay Talkglee!

PS: Would love to hear from you in comments below.


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