Happy Anniversary My Fav Couple

“We must love someone,

We must keep loving all our days 


There must be someone

To take your hand

And share that torrid day.

Without the touch of love

There is no life,

And we must fade away.”

-Robert Frost

Greetings and sending Shimmery vibes.

Today is a special day and why not,as one of my Favorite Top Couple celebrate their Wedding Anniversary.

Yay! Its none other than Sameer sir and Avni mam.

Before I share my learnings from this wonderful couple let me wish them.

Dear Sameer sir and Avni mam,

We just met two years back,

It looks like never turning back,

Your bond has taught me so many lessons,

That I cannot thank much enough the heavens.

Love in pure action,

A Blissful relationship worth an enaction,

On this special occasion dear one,

I wish you an abundance of love and joy and many more years of togetherness dear one.

Far like the skies above,

Deep like the oceans below your bond has taught me lessons which in the blog I pen below.

So dear friends, its just two years I have been in contact with this amazing couple and since am a  blogger, I am observational and I get inspired a lot.

Let me share with you what this couple has taught me:

Between me and you,

there is only  me.

Take away the me,

so only you remain.”

-Mansur al-Hallaj



Omg!I have never till date,seen anyone expressing their fondest of affections in front of so many people. Sameer sir always and always expresses his love and gratitude for Avni mam.

Whether it be in front of 120 students At AMA, In his blog, in his Instagram, Facebook, or even in his speeches in Toastmasters or even as a Host of the day in Books N bliss club.

He never loses a chance, Its like chance pe express mar le kind of attitude. Even in my interactions with him, he always expresses how he cannot thank much enough the universe for a gift that has made him a millionaire. With her beside him, he can fight the world. Quoting a famous line by Walt Whitman which is totally relatable.

“We were together.

I forget the rest.”

-Walt Whitman

Let me ask you how many times have you expressed your love, your gratitude for your beloved partner. I know we are all not extrovert and are shy. But even with the confines of home, when was the last time you expressed?Cant Remember.Go and do that right away.Just now.Brownie points You just made their day.


Be like Sameer sir, Go and Express your Love. You will make their day bright and right.

“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”



“Love does not claim possession

but gives freedom.”

-Rabindranath Tagore

I have heard many a times sir telling ,”SHE HAS THIS BLIND FAITH in ME and UNDERSTANDING.”

Also expressed this in his blog.

Which Is another thing I have learnt.

“To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.”

_Victor HUgo

We are all not perfect but it is these imperfections that we need to fall in love with.

I have witnessed this in front of my eyes and it’s a lesson am taking from them moving ahead in my life.

You may feel,the above two lessons sound like clichés. But then so it be.

I want to reaffirm and stress on the above two lessons for you today. Go and Express and Understanding and Trust is always the Key.

Let this blog be a humble reminder.

I don’t know why but there is something unique about this couple and I am super glad I am a small part of their family.

They are my perfect examples and I look upto so much.

Dear Mam and sir,

Keep rocking and keep blessing me,so I too can make you proud on a life onward.

And the below quote totally resonates with you both.Cheers and Grace and Prayers.

“I am in your clay.

You are in my clay.”

-Guan Daosheng

Signing off with Candles lit

and Prayer songs offered and stormed the heaven for this adorable couple.



Starry John

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