“Being creative is not so much the desire to do something as the listening to that which wants to be done:The dictation of the materials.”

-Anni Albers

Greetings Tribe,

Inspired by my blogging mentor and role model  Seth Godin,I have decided and will surely commit to daily blogging ..It’s an Open accountability here.

Also, you may have seen me ravishing and going mad about the Goldmine book “IKIGAI”..which when after introspection gave me a clear sense of my IKIGAI. And Blogging is at its core.

You Can Watch my review on the same here:  IKIGAI:TOP 5 LESSONS

Being a voracious reader and also having a habit of “Whats in it for me”thinking,I really have many insights to share with you. This TALKGLEE is all about that.

Ray Bradbury rightly quotes,”Just write every day of your life.Read intensely.Then see what happens.”

Whatever maybe your that on a daily purpose to live a life full of purposeful intent.

Also I am very well known yet again that I may not  be appreciated or cheered for but yet again ,the below quote from a blogger has given me that “GET UP AND WORK YOUR PASSION KIND OF VIBES..”

“Consistency is harder when no one is clapping for you.You must clap for yourself during those times,you should always be your biggest fan.”

This Quote is literally scribbled onto my Vision board..

Also Let me give you a small listicle as to what I have planned:

1.Book Reviews and Book Hauls and Book Recommendations.Also,my blog will feature a Public Reading help you choose your genre.

                               Book Reviews From the Book Dragon

2.Creativity posts.Content that will help you be more creative and productive in alignment with your IKIGAI.


3.Lifestyle Themed Posts./life musings

4.Mini-Series: “GLEE FAVORITES”

So I on any random day read say about 20 articles on an average. So the best of which will share and also a hindsight as to what I am reading, listening and watching.

A weekly Round-Up Like Post will be Up live on my blog “Every Friday”.

5.Mini-Series:”GLEE MOMENTS

Moments along the week,which made me happy and gleeful will be up here too….

SO this is a Plan that has sparked GLEE VIBES and I am sharing it with you all.

Looking forward for your presence through your comments down below…

Blazing a Trail….

“Helping you Live Your Life With Greatest Intention.”

Would You Like to Know a Little more about me : Click and Have a Read


Your Creative Encourager

Dr Starry John

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