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So after reading scores of books on creativity,I found many similarities in the Creative traits one should pursue to adorn Creativism.

So I have compelled a Short Post on the TEN COMMANDMENTS .

You go through any Creative Persons Biography ,you will find all the Below listicle.

Hope It is of Great Value to You.

1.Embrace your Creative DNA.

“I believe that we all have strands of creative code hard-wired into our imaginations.These strands are as solidly imprinted in us as the genetic code that determines our height and eye color,except they govern our creative impulses.They determine the forms we work in,the stories we tell,and how we tell them.”

-Twlya Tharp( The Creative Habit)

You are CREATIVE that’s it and clung on to the above helm of thought.

2.Make a Choice.

“Life is a matter of choices,and every choice you make,makes YOU.”

-John C Maxwell.

Freedom is Free.Make a choice as to what you want with this Life.

Make a Plan and stick around.

3. Maintain a Daily Ritual.

“Its My Algebra of Self-Reliance.”

-Twlya Tharp(The Creative Habit)

Whether it be Beethoven,J.D.Bohm,Thomas Edison,Myke Tyson,Michael Phelps and so on,embraced a Daily Sacred Ritual,that led them to where they are.

Let me share with you an insight,I read from an interesting Creative book.

“The talent agent Sam Cohn tells a  story about an entertainment  lawyer named Burton Meyer who taught him a great lesson through a  daily ritual.Cohn was working at CBS at the time,and Meyer thought he was working too hard for CBS and not enjoying himself enough.

“You’re overcommitted,”,he told Cohn.

“You know,I practice law for fun.I don’t have to do this.And I’ll tell you how that came about.Ever since I was a young lawyer,each day I would come back from lunch and I would close my office door,I would sit in my chair,and for one hour I would quietly ruminate on one question.

And the question was this:”Burt,what’s in it for you?”

The Power of Ritual is Phenomenal.Try it Now and Today.(WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?)

4.Brainstorm,Keep it Engaged.


“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of idea.”

-Linus Pauling

Write down or discuss how can you do your ART better.

Make a List and keep it as a ready reckoner.

5.Ditch Procrastination


“The Lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul.”

-Kahlil Gibrah (In the Prophet)

Procrastination has killed many artists than anyone else.

Please keep it at bay.

Prioritise and then Work .

6.Rain down the Criticism


“Remember,Critics have always laughed at the visions of bold thinkers and remarkable visionaries.Ignore them.”

-Robin Sharma

Don’t Let Other People’s negative False Opinions bring down your vibes.

Be Wise in choosing,who’s feedback should matter at the end of the day.

7.Show-off Your Work.


“You are a brand.No matter what you think,when people hear your name,they conjure up some association.”

-Robin Sharma

Whatever you do,PUT IT OUT.

Unless you do that,No one will ever Notice your CRAFT.

Use Social Media at its Best Use.

8.Follow YOUR Influencer like Crazy

“If You don’t have a competitive advantage,don’t compete.”

-Jack Welch

See What worked for them and what not.

Follow their habits and Try to introduce yours.

Follow but not COPY.

9.Keep a Record


“The small details will help you remember the big details.”

-Austin Kleon

You need to have a record of all your Creative work,that will help you in the long run.

It’s a Treasure bandwagon.

10.Practice Your Craft.

“Practice maketh a man Perfect.”


It Stands true to the Test of time.

You get better at it,at every surging step.


The above article is prepared with references from:

1)The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

2)Austin Kleon Series

3)The Artists Way

4) Bird by Bird

5) Lynda Berry-What it is.

When are you incorporating these set of commandments onto your Life?

Time is NOW and So is ACTION.


Your Creative Encourager

Dr Starry John

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