“And then suddenly whoosh ! Inspiration arrives out of the clear blues sky.”

-Elizabeth Gilbert

Greetings dear all hope you all are fine and doing great. I am starry-eyed and charged to kickstart the second half with utmost zest and zeal.

This blog post is all about an announcement and also a little preface of the same.

In a nutshell,its a little sharing of my experience as to what can happen if you don’t follow your passion.

Disclaimer: Its a real story.

To all the people who know me,they know me as someone who is overtly extrovert and passionate and creative about reading and hosting gatherings,I believe that is my passion,Period.I love interacting with people and listen to people and their experiences and learn from their added perspective.

But since the lockdown,I was caught up with a lot of things that took a toll on me.Studies and workload and all.I did read books but could not find a way to channelize the same.I started to feel empty and started to doubt whether the same starry was alive in me or no or have I lost myself to the whims and fancies.

But somehow,I made a strict note to myself that post exams and the next half of the year ,I am going to take massive actions.

Its okay If I fail but I will be happy with no regret that I did not try.


So one fine day,when I was sitting in the balcony of the hostel,the atmosphere was so refreshing that a moment called ,Eudamonia happened.There was this exhilarating encounter between me and a divine inspiration and it gave birth to the idea of ,”

                                 The Creative Dialogues.- A Club with creativespirations.

I immediately took my pen and notepad and started to jot down all the ideas that flowed so spontaneously.

And without postponing and allowing the doubt to sulk in and the fear of how taking away the toll,I  made the action plan and boom it was live.

PS:The power of taking ACTION.

So my friends,here it is a Club with a difference and innovation.

The club where in not only you will have creative encounters with artists but you will discover your inner being and your inner self,your creative self.

And I have a confession to make here,I cannot do this alone and I need you to be a part of this community.Surefire,it will an infusion of passion and creativity in perfect blend.


More on this will be revealed coming Sunday 19 July where in we kick start our inauguration with a unique panel discussion on ,”If you are Alive,You are Creative”


Registration link:

Register for the Event

PS:Lets start this creative journey together.With me?

Your Creative Encourager

Dr Starry John


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