Few Years back after completing my graduation ,I was caught up in a Slump.Running about here and there,trying to fit in the 9-5 trend .Though I managed to find my call and start with my own clinic,I still felt empty inside.

I felt a missing piece of Puzzle that completed my happiness Quotient.I tried to question in and around as to what my supreme calling was?Ponder upon and sleeping upon the above helm of thought was the act performed to discover a solution.

It so happened one night,I felt devasted with the way My life was heeding to and I decided to put an end to it.Speed Break!

With a strong notion to End  all the clutter that sucked my Energy and blood out.

Whether it be my Work or any relation.Was not interested to play a victim any more.It was time to play a Victor was my Gut instinct.

Took out My Journal and made a list of things which would make me happy.Also made a list of people whom I chose to stay in contact.(This is by way,a  very important step I took in my life)

I decided to do the Top 3 Things on a day to day basis and read Artists Way book by Julia Cameron.


It was a Creative Call for me.The Violins started to play in my Dreamy World and I could see a Ray of hope.


We as individuals are all Creative.The problem which I discovered was with the mindset.

We become so busy in the hustle and bustle of life that we fail to acknowledge and render thoughtful provoking as to what are we called for.

Creativity simply means Doing things which brings out Our best Frequency and Vibration.

You need to think ,”what is it that when you think off,gives  you a serotonin rush or it is just as easy as putting a meal or outfit together?

The answer that chims along is your Creative Call,Your Creative nudge

We need to put an end to feeling content with wrong choices.

To put it in one simple word its about,”Staying on the path and flipping the switch and embracing few minutes of Creative brainstormings.”

Chase Your Inner calling.



Let me Help You start with it.

Sharing with you all My CDEF Formula to Up your Creative Fulfilled Life.

Ready?Lets dive deep:


C stands for CHOICE.

Freedom is all Yours,Your Life,you need to make a Choice.

Choice between whether you want to stay with the same cult thinking or Want to live a Life you want to wake up to each morning.

Make a Choice today.


D stands for DISCOVERY.

You need to discover the activities that spur up the creative you.

Get up early or stay awake late,take out your book and make a list .

And out of the same list,strike through any three you would like to incorporate in your daily life.

Set aside Pockets of time for the same.Bingo.

Its that Nutty Simple!

E stands for EXPERIMENT

Once the Thinking is all done,its TIME FOR ACTION.


Today is the Best day Ever Lived.Take note and Highlight(Claps)

Trying doing those things and See the change.

Record them into your book.

Once I started experimenting it on a day to day basis,I found More Joy,More Content,More Satisfaction and I could radiate the same with people in my vicinity.

Do it and am sure you gonna send me ripples of Thanksgiving.

And oh So I humbly accept it.


F stands for FOLLOW

Don’t just do it for three days and then stop.

Follow it day in and day out.Best way,have a partner and both of you do it together.

That way you both will be able to cope up with the tidesof idleness.

No getting caught up in a rug like a bug.Period….

It will take Time for you to get into a ritual,but then every beautiful thing takes time,agreed?


So Fellas,This is Just an Intrductory note To help you start with.

Follow the CDEF method and See the difference.

,I will  be sharing many such things on my blog.

Till then

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Sending Creative Vibes straight

Dr Starry John

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