50 Activities To Do When You Are Quarantined

“The version of you who steps out of quarantine at some future date can be better than the version that entered it,if you try.”

-Ryan Holiday (The Daily Stoicism)


Greetings dear all,

Hope you are all doing fine and doing great.Staying within the confines of home is a difficult task agreed but then as Darren Rowse (Problogger) puts it,”Out of chaos is an opportunity,a novelty.”

Trust me I was  shaken a bit for few minutes,cause now I cant go HOME atleast for a month.But then my rational mind pulled me back from lull and showed  me all probable ways I can make this 21 day a Joyful state of affair.

Here let me quote what Victor Frankl puts it in his book ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’

Between stimulus and response there is a space.In that space is our power to choose our response.In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

This quote surefire made me smile a mile wide and immediately being a ,”List Nerd.”started making a List of all the things I want to do in the upcoming days.

And Since my ,”Modus Operandi is ‘Caring is Sharing’,I want to share this list with you.

PS:I have almost done all since now.


  1. Read a Book.(I have challenged myself to read 21days21books challenge.And Boy today is the 6th day and I have done and dusted 5 books.Oh What a Joy and What a Bliss !
  2. Journal your thoughts.
  3. Take a photowalk where you stay and share pictures with captions.
  4. Watch youtube videos that gives you content to inspire and help you grow.
  5. Learn something
  6. Simply unplug and sleep
  7. Catch up with your friend,whom you have not interacted
  8. Be a part of some creative challenges or go create your one own. I am doing  21 days 21 books challenge and a 21 day staycation challenge.Just to keep myself occupied
  9. Organize your life.(Your laptop,Create a system for everything and anything)
  10. Do some planning and amp up your productivity.
  11. If you are a student,make a study plan and schedule your reading.
  12. This is an ideal time to research on topics and google and take notes.(Presently doing an official research on Covid 19 too)
  13. Its been long since you got hooked on to our hobby? This is a perfect time.
  14. Have more self-care.
  15. Pamper yourself.Make some delicacies for yourself.Chill out.Make yourself a drink.
  16. Spend time with your family.Share all happy moments.Watch old photographs together.
  17. Do some cooking.Try new recipes and experiment
  18. Declutter and declutter.Make room for some fresh air
  19. Start a creative project.Put it on your calendar
  20. Watch some documentaries
  21. Listen to music and feel the lyrics.
  22. Set up some time for meditation and exercise
  23. Send “Gratitude Emails To Your Loved Ones”
    Made a ‘”Thank You Letter On a Leaf And Shared It With All My Girls with whom I am Quarantining With.”


  24. If you have an Instagram account ,Do a Giveaway(no matter the size of the followers)
  25. Challenge yourself a sprint.It can be a Yoga sprint/exercise sprint or a Reading sprint
  26. Everyday appreciate one person from your Life.
  27. Start your own SHOW.Go Live on Facebook or Instagram and do something creative
  28. Don’t have a morning/night time routine. Have one and if you have one,spruce it up a bit
  29. Go paint or sketch something.Its therapeutic
  30. Make Lists.(Bucket lists,List of things that bring you joy,Selfcare lists, Not to do lists)
  31. Make an Audit.(Relationship audit,Audit of your life.Introspection mode on)
  32. Learn a new word everyday.Expand your brocas area.
  33. Finish off any pending assignments
  34. Pray for all the brave hearts combating this epidemic for us.
  35. Write a love letter to yourself
  36. Fill out your blank journals
  37. Find new music and share
  38. Go and dance like no ones watching
  39. Listen to podcasts or start one
  40. Catch up on movies,you have been meaning to watch.
  41. Do something that you have never done till now.Try something new
  42. Make your vision board
  43. Make your inspiration board.Write quotes that bring you back to life and stick them.
    Thats me during my Bday. Thats an inspiration board for me. also known as Mood board


  44. Start a Praise file.If someone praises you,take a screenshot and save it in a special folder.
  45. Received cards/gifts.Go and read them all over again and feel the gifts and go and thank them for their thoughtfulness
  46. Try learning a new language.Dualingo app is my go to for that
  47. Delete unwanted pictures/videos(that forwards) on your mobile phone.
  48. Store all your precious memories in your hard drive or upload it to dropbox or google drive.
  49. Delete unwanted applications that take up so much space on your phone
  50. Ask for recommendations from your like-minded friends about inspirational people to follow
  51. Start a new habit and track that In your habit tracker. (BONUS)

Hope you liked the above list and if you have some other things,let me know too.

I too have started my youtube channel and I am dropping the link below.Please do subscribe for talkglee vibes.Below is the link.

The Talkglee Show


Leaving you with a thoughtful trail:

“Bad times are good times to prepare for better times.”

-Ruskin Bond


Thats Me Dr Starry John Signing Off.

Much Love

Much Care

Cheers Sayonara


PS: I will be documenting My Quaranting Everyday.

Please note I am a proud student of Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar and this institute has helped me to broaden my horizon in many ways.Its the first Public Health University under PHFI(Public Health Foundation India).

Our college has amazing content on the current pandemic and many such relevant Health awareness articles,you can catch a glimpse of the same in the below link


And To Be a HEalth Warrior and be a Public HEalth Professional and a Hospital administrator ,the admissions are open,which you can find in the above link the details.



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  1. Wow… too interesting and knowledgeable..
    Would like to receive more and more from ur side…
    Thanks Dr. Starry

  2. Just amazingg! Now i feel like flipping all my plans and creating a check-list from the list you just gave to make this quarantine period even more productive!

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