Greetings Creatives,

We all are working non-stop,putting our selves in shambles,Call it a 9 to 5 saga.

Most of us become insane,lunatic,when we have the next day as MONDAY and already feeling the blues Sunday eve.

My straight questions(Call them Rheoteric)

Are you Enjoying this Rut?

Don’t you want each day to be a day clad with fun,that makes you jump out of bed with high glee?

Do you want a Life ,where you want to have enough and more time to pursue your Creative Nudge?

Or Say You want to have More time,out of your hectic schedule?


Well,then a Great News ….Drum Rolls.

This Article is for you.

Enlisted below are Ten ways you can live creatively day in and day out and live a life with Peace and a Creative Aura.


1. Brace yourself with a Nature walk.

It is a best stimulant for new ideas and repellent for the negative ones.

Your Mind gets a whiff of spring air.

It puts your Three chakras,Mind ,body and Soul in tandem.


2. Listen to TED talks.

I am an avid Go-To for TED Talk,They have always helped me with coping up with creative slump.

Its as simple as feeding the kid in you.


3.Do something daily for 30 minutes that brings out your best emotions,best vibrations

Trust me,I swoon by this.When caught up with recurrent bouts of Stress,This is an added bonus to help me bounce back to normalcy.


4Rearrange your Furniture.

In simple words,DECLUTTER.

It brings oodles of clarity.

Raises your Creative bandwidth.


5. Immerse yourself for at least 10 minutes in some soothing and soft music.

As the Oldies vouch for,”they are the best healers,which stands true till that.”


6. Read blogs that inspire you.

They can spur in some ideas and can hit your pitch to bandwagon.

Have you heard the oldie,”Reading maketh a complete man.”

It stands valid.

P S:You are frequently invited to my House anytime….


7. Hop onto You-tube and watch something that interests you.That helps you resonate with yourself.

That qualms your senses.



8. Maintain a Journal.

Call it Daily Documentation.

Record your feelings,thoughts,experiences,it will wade away that scum of clutter.

Breath of Fresh Air;)


9.Talk with your Creative Buddy.

Yes,just not anyone,but a CREATIVE SOUL,who brings out the best,who helps you think behind your preconceived notions and helps you recover during those dry days.

Well,it is MANDATORY.

Go and Identify one such.


10. Practice  Solitude.

5 minutes of daily silence,calms and soothens your senses.

Incognito mode.

Peaceful and Petty.

Lets keep our chatter at bay.

Winding up with a Favorite quote

“Nature abhors a vacuum and so does the muse.Give her space to show up,she will.”

The above enlisted Can help you to be a better ,creative version of yourself.

On a Frank and Personal note,I do all of this on a daily basis and have shared with many,it has helped them,it will help you also.

That’s it for today..

Share with me Any other Way,you have practised to bring that creative banter in picture.


Will be glad to hear you in the Comments below.

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Great Thanks dear Soul for Stopping by

Sending Creative Vibes

Dr Starry John