“Whenever you read a good book,somewhere in the world,a door opens to allow in                                             more light.”

    -Vera Nazarian

Hello Creatives,

Happy Wappy Sunday 😉

So today I decided to pen down a post of MY LOVE FOR BOOKS.

Any Great Leader,influencer you see around in the present or past are always READERS.

Have you heard of the adage,”READERS MAKE GREAT LEADERS.”

So My relation with books began since I was in Second grade.My dad was a reader,so he used to buy small books for me to read.Initially, I found it boring,but then as he encouraged and supported me to read,I fell into this wonderful ritual of reading books on a daily basis.

Back then dad had subscribed to Champak tales and he used to get books like Nancy drew,Tintin and so on.

Slowly slowly growing up I fell for Books more and more.Its that special connection woven.

I always had an ambition to own my Library.And I can proudly vouch today,that am a proud owner of 200 books,and a Small little reading nook as well.

P.S:Weaving a Special Post on the same.

I am very different from the other girls belonging to my age group.I hate buying those costly cosmetics and owning a wardrobe and the clutches and so on. Point blank.

Well,that’s essential commodity according to me and I do have a small stash but I don’t spend my savings on them.

I rather save them and buy books.Till date I do the same.

Thats Just one-fourth of my Book-Shelf

But then off late in the near past,because of the demanding projects,I could not catch up with reading and all my books lay their staring at me and I could feel literally they begging me to devour.

The Happy News…Now it’s a Quintessential Daily Ritual for me.

In Happy and Sad times,In a hover of confusion,The only place my legs turn is to my Library;)

I have smartly found pockets of time to read here and there.

(P.S:I have slowly and steadily buried myself in my cocoon ,lest I shall be killed of My Vibes,

Beware of those VAMPIRES.)

I commute to my Work and it takes about an Hour,so I read.

When I do not have patients ,I read.(I am a Dentist,for all the Newbies out there)

When I go out and then there is some waiting,I quickly grab out that book and read.

(Well,the people around me give me that weird look,but then who cares.)

So in and around,wherever I go,I always have some books and my Reading Journal along.


                                   “Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.



So here I share some of My Thoughts on Books and Reading.Penning it down from my own encounters.

1.Books are your Best friends.Totally.No expectations,No disappointments ,only pure Edutainment.

2. Ditch your Phone,when you sit down to read.

3. Embrace a Great date with your book.Just Some coffee,You and Your Favorite book.

4. Talk about the words that spoke out from your heart in book context with your Friend.

5. Journal and copy out those golden words,they will surely be your Go-To during those dry days.

6. Read different generes ,you will find variety and you will not get bored.

7.Have an Amazing blog and instagram dedicated with your love for books.

“Today a Reader tomorrow a leader.”

8.Always have the habit of noting down the learning points from each and every book you read.

They will be of help,when you discuss the same with your friends or any influencer,

You can strike a right cord.

Thats My Bag that I carry around,My Stationary and My books with me


9.Have a Reading log.The log should maintain the list of books to be Read,books to be bought.

(P.S:I also include My Savings onto there.)

10. Being a Goal Nerd,I set goals for reading.This helps me in maintaining my sacred ritual.


So no matter how my schedule seems to be hectic,I always will have a minimum of four hours dedicated solely to my reading gigs.

That’s my Passion.

And That’s a feather to my hat too.

To conclude,Books are my Hearth and Home.Flashes of inspiration and My Stars in fateful Orion.

Great Thanks for stopping by.

Dr Starry John

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