“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life,and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.If you haven’t found it yet,keep looking.Don’t settle.As with all matters of the heart,you’ll know when when you find it.”

-Steve Jobs

Welcome dear readers to my blog, heartfelt thanks for stopping by and caring to read.

Happy New Year 2019. May this new year bring loads of excitement, fun and frolic, love and harmony in your lives.

So, recently one of the bloggers whom I follow recommended a book “DO MORE GREAT WORK”by Michael Bungay Stanier. After reading through the reviews on Amazon,I decided to click the “BUY IT BUTTON”.Yuhuun ! and it landed onto my arms.I literally gorged down the book in two hours such was the pace and lucidity.(I am dancing in glee now)

I must say dear one, am so glad that I began my reading ritual 2019 with this QUAKE BOOK. It came to me perfectly when I was struggling to do more of the work that I wished I could do more.

So just a preface,I was heck yes struggling to manage the long TO DO LISTs, commitments and as a result pangs of self-pity caught me. Just when I was wanting to give up, this book happened.

So here I present before you my learnings from the book.Also a Bonus TWO EXERCISES FOR YOU TO DISCOVER YOUR GREAT WORK.

There are three types of work we all do on a regular basis.Bad work,good work and great work.Let me throw some light what they attribute.

Bad work: Waste of time,energy and life.Work that is pointless.Work that drains you down.

Good work:Useful,familiar,productive work you do and you likely do it well.Its a source of comfort,nourishment and success.But sometimes it becomes mundane for you.

Great work:Its that work which is meaningful to you,has an impact and makes a difference.It inspires,stretches and provokes you.You get into the FLOW ZONE.In a nutshell,you loose past time.


Having said that I am sharing with you an Exercise that can help and make you dwell.

1.Grab a notebook and a pen.

2,Make three columns with headings Bad work,Good work and Great work.

3.Spend 20 minutes filling up the columns.Write everything down that comes on your mind.

4.After that’s done,make a commitment to delegate/outsource/remove the bad work from your life slowly and steadily.

5.Go ahead and do your good work,

6.Most importantly schedule the great work.

Thats it.Thumbs up right!


Doing this exercise gives you clarity as to what next in your life and you remove those energy vampires and soul-sapping bad work.

Personal reflection:Doing the above exercise gave me a relief from ho-hum.I was very clear as to what goes onto my calendar and what gets excluded and deleted.

I decided to put down my feet and SAY NO to Bad work.

Now lets move to the Next exercise:

Exercise 2:

1.Grab the same notebook and pen.

2.Draw a big circle.

3.In the centre of the circle,draw a small circle and write within “ME”

4.Then slowly start brainstorming ideas that bring you Joy, satisfaction and immense gratification.You can write as many ideas as you want.

5.Once that’s done, circle the ideas that you feel are feasible for you now and right them onto the next page and make an action plan for the same.(JUST DO IT AS NIKE SAYS)

6. Brainstorming as said by experts is the best way to bring yourself out and empty out all the ideas that are stored in your right brain.

Personal Reflection:Simply by doing this exercise,I felt happy.I could see my overwhelm disappear.

Please note:Keep the above notebook handy and reach out as and when the need arises.Call it your Bliss Book.

Remember:Do these Two Exercises As and When you feel the need and Be Great and Show your Great Work.

Dear friends, You are Great. Do you know that?But then you sabotage yourself with other people’s opinions and play low. Trust me that’s a challenge for me too.

But as Penelope Trunk puts it “stepping forward to do more great work is in fact about a leap of faith that we take because the alternatives are so disappointing.”

Robin Sharma in his latest book The 5 am club makes an affirmative question again,”Why Play Low with your Talent?”

Life has to be a balance of good work and great work alike.

The author beautifully shares how doing great work or striving to do the same can bring a whole lot of difference in our lives and people orbiting around us.

Sharing some impactful quotes from the book to inspire you to do the GREAT WORK.

1.”In the long run,we shape our lives,and we shape ourselves.The process never ends until we die.And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”

-Eleanor Roosevolt

2.”You are remembered for the rules you break.”

-Douglas Macarthur

3.Traveller,there is no path.Paths are made by walking.

-Antonio Machado

4.I am an old man and have known a great many troubles,but most of them never happened.

-Mark Twain

5.The scars you acquire while exercising courage will never make you feel inferior


So when are you beginning to do GREAT WORK?

Today or Now.

The Choice is yours baby !

Lots of love

Starry John


  1. Great work Starry. I loved this review and I think you’ve summarized the book in an awesome way. The exercises suggested are in my opinion the best things we can do in order to achieve things that we want by doing things that we love. Simply awesome. ☺️

    1. Hello dear Vidhi,
      Heartfelt thanks for sparing your precious time and stopping by and dropping such a comment.This precisely has motivate me to try and come up with great content.I am falling back with consistency but with such comments,it gives me the push actually.
      Thank you dear

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