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So today, I am super excited to share with you the launch of A FREE WORKSHOP: BLOG LIKE A BOSS-A BEGINNERS GUIDE. It is a workshop with Exercises and Group activities to help you start your own blog with confidence.

Let me quickly walk you through the details:

 Date: 30 March,2019|6-8:30 pm | Saturday | American Corner Library

(Offline Workshop)

Date:8 April-13 April 2019  |Online Workshop(For people who will be unable to attend the offline workshop)

This workshop is exclusively designed for all the following people:

  1. Who want to share their stories/expertise to the world with their written content.
  2. Who have started on their entrepreneurial journey and want to grow their business with the help of blogs.
  3. Hobby travelers who want to share their travel stories with the world
  4. Personal hobby
  5. Who have no clue about blogging but want to start with one to explore.

                     So let me take you straight to the brownie points of this Workshop. After the Workshop you will be able to:

1. Start Your own blog

2.Set up your Editorial Calendar

3. You will become a Content Machine

4. You will be able to promote your blog, using the #beingshameless principle and land your first 500 views.

5. You will be a part of our Mastermind Blog Club and will have access to all resources that are quintessential for bloggers no matter the niche.


  1. Pre-Workshop Activities
  2. Workshop
  3. Post-Workshop Challenge

Let me Break down the same:

                                                                 Pre-Workshop Activities:

  1. It will begin on 1 March 2019
  2. Our team will be sending an exercise to do and after a few days, there will be a short quiz to help you get more from the same.
  3. The activities will be carried out in the WhatsApp group and Facebook group.

Motto: To prepare you before the workshop, so that on the day, you get a better understanding of the concepts being taught.

During the Workshop:30 March

  1. Technical know-how of blogging: Free and paid blogging platforms available.Set-up blog in 10 minutes straight.
  2. How to Decide Your Niche? (Exercise 1 and 2)
  3. How to Write a blog post? (Exercise 3)
  4. How to promote a blog post 25 different ways for Free? (Exercise 4)
  5. Blogging Manifesto | Artists Creed

  Dr Sameer Savaliya

Powerhouse of Motivation | Blessed with a gift of Gab | Creative Encourager- will be the Host of the Event and will be covering

Time-management | Goal setting | Consistency | Staying Inspired.

PS: There is an In House Contest too, with amazing giveaways.

Takeaways Include:

Templates and Checklist: 1.Blog Post Template

2.Promotion Checklist

3 .Artists Creed

Post Workshop: 7 Day Challenge Beginning from 1 April.

My Team and I are going to encourage you and guide you to set-up and start your Blog.


The challenge details will be revealed after the workshop.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that your blog is up and running by 8 April.

Surefire,This Workshop will help you get started on your blogging journey and will empower you and encourage you to keep moving and chase your dreams.

 Dr Starry John

A Creative encyclopedia(A new name) |Book dragon |Energy Power house| Course Mentor and Guide.

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To Register for this FREE WORKSHOP kindly fill in the details in the below link:

Blog Like a Boss Workshop:

You will then be added to our Whatsapp group and Facebook group.

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Rest assured: You are at the RIGHT PLACE if you want to Build Your Brand and Weave inspiring stories with the Power of Blogging.

Looking forward to interacting with you and meeting you soon.

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