“Thee lift Me and I’ll lift three and we all ascend together.

-Quaker Proverb


Greetings Folks and Lots of Love bestowed.

I am Dr Starry John here,a Dentist by profession,a passionate and Creative Entrepreneur and blogger,with a list of aspirations yet to savour.

I am an Emotional Human, having roots grounded on beliefs I would never compromise.(You would come to know more about it,as you walk through my nuggets of information.)

I do Believe in Living Life My way,rather than dancing to someone else’s tunes.Period.

My Sole Mission through this blog Is “To be of Great help to any Soul that passes by my URl and help them discover their Creative Side.”

Life is short,its brevity and unpredictability is something that brings me fear,so I have decided and taken it upon my stride to be of Utmost Help through my resourcefulness to anyone in this global village.

Apart from this,I am an Avid reader,A Speaker(with few engagements),an Artist,A Graphic Designer and a Crafter.(Sorry but that’s me…the list seems to be long)

Looking forward for your engagements and response in my Blog.

Bells and Whistles for the same.

Once again,welcoming you to a place,where you will guided,encouraged and stimulated to unleash your Creative Vibes..

Winding it up with a Quote I live by:

“I have dreamed in my Life,dreams that have stayed with me ever after,and changed my ideas:They have gone through me,like wine through water and altered the color of my Mind.”

-Emily Bronte.



Leaving a Small,Creative Trail…….

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